Spokane Athletic Thanks Robinsons Appliance Repair

As an athletic club we see hundreds of customers every week. People come to us looking to get in shape or to better their health and fitness levels. While we offer an extensive fitness program, we also offer a small cafe to feed those who enjoy working out around their lunch hour. The cafe is open all day long and sees a good number of customers every single day.

With running a successful athletic club you have to make sure all parts of your operation are running well. This includes all of the exercise equipment, the facility as well as the cafe and the equipment involved. One of our most important appliances is the refrigerator in the cafe area. Many people who come out to workout leave their food in the refrigerator. After a class or workout session they pick up their food, eat in the cafe and go back to work.

We try to make workouts more convenient in our fast passed world. What better way to get an exercise in during the work week, especially during your lunch break. We found that many people enjoy getting their workouts done during their lunch break so when they get off work, they can go home and relax instead of dreading the little time they have at home.

Just a few weeks ago we had an issue with our refrigerator in the cafe. We knew we needed to get it fixed and fixed as soon as possible. Its a newer model Frigidaire so it should last many more years to come. We called around the Spokane area looking for someone who could come out right away and fix it. It’s not a commercial refrigerator so we knew any general appliance repair tech should be able to fix it.

After calling around we finally got a hold of Noel at Robinsons Appliance Repair here in Spokane, and after telling him our situation he said he could come out right away. This obviously made us happy customers. Within 30 minutes Noel showed up and was able to diagnose the problem within the first 5 minutes. He had the right part and was able to have our broken refrigerator working again. This was all done before our club was open. It was great hiring a professional appliance repair tech who understood our situation and was able to get it fixed so quickly. We want to say thanks to Noel and anyone looking for refrigerator repair in Spokane should give Robinsons a call.

Let us know if you have any questions! Contact us today.